You can add multiple pages to your site without any kind of limitation.

To add a new page, follow the steps mentioned below:
1. You can open Manage Page window in two ways:
• On the navigation bar present at the bottom, click on Create Page.

• Or, click on icon present in the menu.

2. Click on Add Page.

3. Then enter the following details for your page.
a. Page Name: Enter a name for your page. Note that this page name will be displayed in the menu bar.
b. Title: Enter a title for your page. This title will appear on the browser tab at the time of preview.
c. Description: Give a short description about the page which will be used for meta tags.
d. Clone Page: To create an exact clone of an existing page, enable this button and then select the page that you want to create the clone of.

4. Click on Save Pages to add your page.

Now, you can add components to your newly added page.

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