We are a technology driven company with digital transformation as our primary mission

As the whole world was going after new innovations, two tech savvy founders Nischal Pradhan and Alok Pandey from the Himalayas came up with the concept of Application Development Framework called SageFrame back in 2010. The framework was self-built from ground up with an architecture to support the volatile nature of real business needs and still exists as an opensource free for the community.

Now, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Infrastructure in the tech world, which seems will be more aggressive by the year 2020, the founders set on a mission to develop a SaaS based intelligent website and mobile app builder called Contentder to help SMEs transform their businesses onto the digital platform . To make this mission a reality, they along with an Australian tech founder Mark Robertson formed the company Contentder Pty Ltd in Sydney on May 2017.

About Us

Founders of Contentder

Nischal Pradhan


Alok Kumar Pandey

Co-Founder/ CTO

Meet the team working on our mission

The diverse group of people working at Contentder not only challenge themselves constantly to achieve new heights and come up with delightful innovations but also take note to make work a friendly and fun-filled environment in order to bring out the creativity in them.